10 Things To Grab From Your Mom’s Wardrobe

Around this Mother’s Day, I have been stalked by every possible website urging me to buy/gift something for my mom, avail the “special” mother’s day discount, remember to say nice things online and what not. That got me thinking. Has my mother had an impact in my fashion sensibilities?

Every mother is a daughter’s very first fashion diva.

As a kid, I would stand transfixed as my mom dressed up for festive occasions & weddings. I could not wait for the day I would grow up to be a “big girl” and wear all the lovely things my mom wore. I can bet every girl has a similar story to tell. Somewhere in between, I developed my own fashion sensibilities but there is no denying that my mom has deeply influenced it. Even today, I trust my mom blindly when it comes to certain things.

1.Her taste in jewelry& sarees:

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Here is one place where I completely trust her judgement & knowledge. She can take one look at a saree and say if it is a pure silk, if the color is likely to run etc. She has an enviable collection of sarees from every part of the country from Paithanis to PatanPatolas, Orissa Silks to Kanthas, Chinkankaris to Maheswaris, Benarasisto Jamdanis, Kancheepurams to Crepes & Chiffons. I love every one of them & owe my taste in sarees to her Equally enviable is her taste in jewelry. She not only has an impressive collection but knows exactly which piece would pair with which saree!

 2. Bindis: I don’t remember ever seeing my mom without a Bindi. She sports them every single day. Not just that, she has her very own collection which I tend to pinch into from time to time.

3. Kajal: If you were to ask her one “must have” item in her makeup list, she would list the kajal without batting an eyelid. Although as a kid I did not think it is pretty cool to wear Kajal today I can’t stay away from one, thanks to her.

4. Nosepin: My mom sports a big diamond nosepin, you would not miss it. Back in her days, you were not judged by the size of rock on your finger, so the ladies wore them a little more prominently. She has a few nosepins, all of them diamonds, no compromises there!

great, gruhini
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5. Gajras & Wearing them Right. Gajras can be tricky. One can either look super classy or downright tacky sporting gajras or mallipoo as we call it in the South. My mom always gets this right. She can tuck it into her plaits even without a pin to hold it in place, something that I still haven’t figured out. She is seldom seen without gajras during festive occasions.

If I were to raid my mom’s wardrobe, these would be my top 10 items on my list.

  1.  1. A Kancheepuram Silk Saree
  2.  2. A pair of simple silver toe rings
  3. 3. A diamond nosepin
  4. 4. A piece of statement jewelry
  5. 5.Her home-made kajal
  6. 6.A pashmina shawl
  7. 7.Some colorful glass bangles
  8. Her silver sindhoor holder
  9. An ornate silver keyring that can be tucked into the saree
  10. A pair of silver anklets

I am sure we all have a few things we look up to our moms for and I hope someday, we are able to leave behind a similar legacy for our kids. Happy Mother’s Day!

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