5 Work from Home Moms Share Their Secret to Success

You are working on an assignment from home. Your toddler asks for set of toys. As you reach out for toy basket, the door bell rings and the laundry guy delivers clothes. You get back to the work. After 5 minutes an E-kart delivery guy is at the door.

As you try to reclaim your concentration towards work, it’s lunch time. You need to eat with the toddler so that he or she develops healthy eating habit on their own. By evening you need to finish an assignment, call up the customer care for washing machine repair and guide the cook for a dinner menu. And just like that, before it’s even started, the day comes to an end.

It’s that chaotic a life when your home is your work station. Concentrating on work without ignoring other responsibilities is an every minute challenge.

In my two years of working from home, I often faced it: work as much as possible, without compromising on the way I want my kid to grow up, running a house on a frugal budget and being social at the same time. I was always curious to know how work from home moms made small decisions like: attending a birthday party midweek or do they use home cooked masalas or fresh or frozen green peas?

5 work from home mommies (including my friends) helped me make these small and big choices. They also shared some awesome tips on achieving 99% if not 100% productivity while working from home. I will share these tips through a post everyday.

1. Be Clear about your Passion and your Priorities

Jessie D SouzaOnce you are clear that work is your passion and family is your priority too, your routine and the discipline to follow it comes on its own.So when its time to be with the kids or family, work shouldn’t be the deterrent to do so. Dedicate time slots within your schedule for family and work.

This is what drives Jessie D Souza and Gunjan Pai  to be more productive while working from home. Both of them have been created an office space within or close to their home.

Jessie is an online business manager and founder of workfromhomedivas.in. Her “golden hours” of work are when her daughter is away to school but her evenings and dinner times are strictly family time.

Ditto for Gunjan who is a creative professional and founder of copylove.in. She hops back home for lunch with her son and spouse, gets back to work before evening sets in.

Jessie’s Productivity Tip

>Keep your clients well informed about your breaks, leaves that are unavoidable

> Its OK to delegate house chores like picking grocery, paying bills whenever possible.

Gunjan’s Productivity Tip: Your efficiency determines it all

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