7 Wealth Creation Rules from Lord Ganesha

When the Bulls and the Bears have failed us, We only need look at the Elephant God; the Vignaharta (destroyer of bad omen) to arrive! Lets always pray to Him to clear the path to prosperity and bestow our mind with knowledge.  

Just as we will sit down to worship the deity, remember that each body part signifies an important principle that can help us in taking care of our finances wisely!! 

Here are the 7 eternal rules of creating wealth that never ought to be forgotten.

1. Ganesha’s elephant head symbolizes the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge and removal of ignorance: The world of investments is getting complex. Each asset class itself has various investment vehicles. Learn and read thoroughly about the avenues, the risk-return involved, the liquidity it offers, rather than just investing blindly.

2. Ganesha’s big ears symbolize the power of constant awareness: Be alert and listen to everything around you. But act only on the advice of your financial planner.

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3. Ganesha’s large trunk symbolizes the power of adaptability: Ganeshji’s multipurpose trunk could bring down heavy tree branches and break a small coconut too. Likewise make your investment portfolio adaptable to your short-term and long-term jitters that may happen in stocks, bonds, real estate or gold. Make your portfolio adaptable to your disposable income too!

4. Ganesha’s big belly symbolizes the ability to digest the good and the bad: A 10% rise in stock prices or a 3% fall the next day shouldn’t make you overly happy or nervous. Much like our beloved Lord Ganesha, learn to digest the good news and the bad, instead of just reacting to every piece of news.

5. Ganesha’s instrument, Elephant goad (ankusa) and a noose (pasha) symbolize the determination to focus and control: Too many investment schemes and too much analysis of everything distracts us. The elephant goad in your beloved God’s hand reminds you to stay away from chaos and focus on your financial goals. If you invest without a purpose, a noose in His other hand will wield its influence to get you back on track.

6. Ganesha’s one tusk symbolizes making the best use of our resources: A legend says that Lord Ganesha’s quill broke while he was writing the epic Mahabharata for Sage Vyas. To keep his promise of writing continuously, he broke his tusk to finish the task and hence got the name EkDunt also. In your zest to build wealth, don’t forget to put your current resources to best use.

7. Ganesha’s ride (mouse) symbolizes being humble in times of wealth: Lord Ganesha, who is the God of prosperity, rides upon a humble mouse. So you must remain grounded and humble with all the wealth you create over the years. For fortune is fickle, and it may tiptoe away, much like Ganeshji’s mouse!

Wishing you a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !

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