Awesome Tips to Reduce Your Grocery Bills

4. Menu List: So here’s the final brilliant list that will reduce your grocery bill big time – it did for us! We tried different ways to cut down our grocery bill. Shopping for deals, going to different stores for different items. In fact, our grocery bill only doubled because we only shopped more. More at each store and bought more deals than we ever really needed. A whopping $100-150 every week which was way too high considering that we are only two adults and two kids.

The menu plan came to our rescue. Yes you heard right, the menu list for the week.

I started listing out the menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and started basing my shopping list on this.

This actually ensured that I use up ingredients I already have on hand and to buy only ingredients that I needed that week. My husband is not allowed to stray from this shopping list except for fruits and if he finds good meat (which can be frozen for 2-3 months anyway).Snacks too are limited to 1 or 2 for the kids and for us. Once that is over, we buy another variety snack.

Now we buy just enough for a week (no more large value packs) and buy more of organic produce, we still do save money.
We do buy value packs for certain items like cereal, milk, oil, rice, tea leaves and wheat flour apart from non-perishables like soaps, other toiletries.

Apart from that menu-planning (every Sunday) has taken the stress out of the cooking especially with managing 2 kids. Also, the big plus, I have more time, so more time to exercise and cut fruits and salads with every meal.

Our grocery bill is now only $50-60 per week

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