With our Christmas Shopping tips, get more bang for your buck

With Christmas and New-Year just around the corner, the sale season is about to begin.

Its that time of the year when brands will have awesome discounts and offers, even though in this story online retailers claim that the days of 80% online discounts are over.  Still when we walk through  a mall  or an online shopping site, we will always end in some purchase or the other.

If you plan to indulge in some year-end shopping we suggest you go with a plan. Most of us pick up a lot of unnecessary items during a sale which will probably end up occupying unnecessary closet space and we may not wear it more than once. If you go with a plan, you might make the sale season work wonders for you.

Here’s our list of items you should look for during the sale.

A pair of comfortable denims

When the entire store is on sale, it is pretty easy to be distracted by those cheap tanktops or the dress you saw last season but could not buy. But this is one item we strongly recommend you get. One cannot have too many jeans and moreover, you may want to retire those old comfy denims.

Rule of thumb – avoid fashion fads like boot cuts, zipper details, patchworks unless you foresee that trend to continue well into the next year or it is your natural style. Our favorite is a pair of straight fit dark blue denims which can work well for casual wear – something we see ourselves slipping into easily.

Blazers & Jackets

Blazers, jackets and boleros can be quite expensive. If you have always wanted one, the sale season might be a good time to get one. Unless you stay in a city which experiences winter, we suggest you stay away from leathers and wool and go in for a more sensible blazer.

If you plan to wear it with dresses, we suggest a cropped jacket that can work well with formal pants as well. If you already have a waredrobe staple black jacket, then look for a cool linen jacket or something you could wear to a party. If you live in a city like Delhi, it makes sense to stock up for next winter as well.


Sale period is a good time to stock up for upcoming parties. If you foresee a party coming soon. We suggest you look for some nice dresses. Like with denims, we would avoid fashion fads and look for something timeless like a skater dress that seldom goes out of trend.

Lingerie & Innerwear

This is always on our list when there is a sale. Given how expensive good lingeries is, we can’t wait for a sale to stock up our delicates. Sale is also a good time to buy stuff you may not use very often like that M&S Swimming costume you have been eyeing.

Our list of items to avoid during a sale.

These are items that you may find a lot of people buying but you may not really be saving much or using them so much.


Unless you think you will use those three jars of body scrubs before it’s expiry or plan to split it between three friends, we suggest you stay away from cosmetics and toiletries.


Since sale items, esp clothes come with a no-exchange policy, it might be wise to avoid buying clothing that is meant to be a gift.

Season’s hottest trend

What was hot last season might not be very popular next season. There is a reason these items are usually heavily discounted – think!

Accessories & Tanks

Those irresistible deals on tanks and plain t-shirts are simply not worth it. You might find them for the same price even after the sale. While they are cheap, you may not save significantly on those t-shirts. As for accessories, look out for missing stones or damages.

In addition to this list, if you have been meaning to buy something, it might be a good idea to add it to your list.

We strongly believe the sale can be a good time to build a versatile wardrobe if you know what you want and how much you wish to spend on those items. We hope you find some good items this sale season. Have a wonderful Christmas and a delightful party season ahead. See you next year!


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