Colour guide for your summer wardrobe

For the uninitiated, every year, Pantone Inc, a New Jersey based company, announces the color of the year. Sicne we are just two months into 2016, we thought of giving you ideas about how to incorporate the color of the year into your wardrobe.

Pastels have been a buzz word for a while. Pantone has picked a few pastel shades in the past, but this would be the first year they actually mixed two colors to create a whacky ‘Rose Quartz & Serenity’. This blend of warm and cool tones was then announced as the color of the year. The color combination is intriguing since it combines the popular choices for both genders – male and female to create a blend.

Is that an indication of blurring gender lines or gender equality? Who is to say! Irrespective of what they were thinking, we love these shades. Here are a few ways to incorporate the color of the year in everyday wardrobe.

1. An Ombre dress

You cannot ignore the fact that one can have beautiful ombre dresses featuring these beautiful pastel shades. Be it a prom-like silk dress or a simple beach dress, this one is a sure shot killer.

2. Pastel Hair Shades

Ombre hair is so last season. Pastels are in these days. From dirty greys to pale pastels, you can’t go wrong with these. If you have been meaning to give it a try, how about mixing pale pink and blue?

great, gruhini

3. Footwear & accessories

Pastel hair color ain’t for the weak hearted. If you are looking for something less risky, try adding pastel accents to your everyday wardrobe. The easiest way to begin is of course shoes. Simple ballets or bold boots, whatever floats your boats might be a good place to start.

Source: google images
Source: google images

4. Traditional & wedding wear

If you are a bride-to-be or have some weddings to attend, how about incorporating these shades in your lehengas and sarees. To be honest, pastels made a comeback in the Indian Bridal segment a while pack when a similar pastel shade was chosen as the color of the year. Perhaps it’s time to make pastels an official part of bridal shades, what say?

great, gruhini

 While the color of the year is no Holy Bible, we still look forward to its announcement every single year. We then keep an eye out on the ramp to second guess if designers picked these shades out of sheer coincidence or inspiration. Whatever be the reason, something tells us pastel hair shades are here to stay. They are already taking South-East Asia by a storm. If you are on the fence about pastel hair colors, they buy yourself some hair color chalks that everybody has been talking about. They are not permanent and wash off easily. In addition to the suggested ideas, pastel nails & even pastel scarfs might be a good option to start.

We hope you have a fun time incorporating the Pantone Color of the year 2016 in your wardrobe.

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