Girls Get Money Savvy with One Idiot, Gruhini and Pasta

I often saw the young girls in  my building do something productive during their playtime. One day they were exchanging currency notes between themselves, only for me to realise that its was their income from the game show they hosted in our last fun fair. The other day I saw them telling each other about how to wish and greet in German and French. If they are so conscious of using their playtime productively, then why not introduce money in their playtime, I thought to myself. That is how the idea of “Getting Money Savvy” workshop was born.

I used the cheesy pasta (that i supposedly i am good at) as a bait for the young girls to come over on a Friday morning to see a story of one Mr Shanti Prasad Dwarkanath Bhargava alias “Bugs Uncle” alias “One Idiot”. Bugs Uncle is an eccentric man, and is often made fun of by the kids in his building. The Bugs Uncle and the Pasta (i assume) kept the girls engrossed for 35 minutes.

And what happened next?

Watch the workshop videos to know what girls learnt from Bugs Uncle.

Click here to watch “One Idiot”. The movie DVD for this workshop was provided by IDFC Foundation.


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