How to be a Mindful Spender

An Inspiring story of a woman who spends her money consciously



Her friends jump out of their skin when Archana tells them she hasn’t bought a saree in the past three years.

Every time she steps out to shop, she checks the bill and preserves it.


In times, when a Mithai brand to a diamond jewellery brands position women as the primary shoppers, Archana Kulkarni chooses to be a mindful spender.,

“I feel this strong sense of responsibility towards my money” says the 49-year-old administrative executive, based in Thane. She attributes her mindful spending to her childhood. Archana often saw her grandmother and mother write down their daily household expenses in a notebook. When she took upon the household responsibility after her marriage, a long book and a pen became her favorite accessory.

For all these years, Archana has been diligently writing about her home expenses. Gradually, she understood how much was being spent on each expense head, and she kept an expected monthly budget in mind.

Over the years, as family savings multiplied, the budgeting exercise reduced, but Archana continues to track her daily spending. Her friends often frown upon her ability and patience to preserve and note down small ticket bills. Her usual response about her ingrained habit of tracking where her money went, often makes them reflect upon their spending behavior.

While Archana records her daily cash expenses, her husband Kishor, transacts online related payments. The couple reconciles their spending every weekend. Siddharth, the couple’s 22-year-old son, who recently started working isn’t a strict budgeter but spends money consciously.

We share Archana’s story to emphasize that women can create wealth out of their own savings or income if they first take cognizance of their saving and spending habits.

I have often come across statements like “I don’t have enough money to invest now”

What we often fail to understand is that until we resolve to have a spending habit that commensurates with our income or earnings, money would never get saved on its own.

“Nurture your Money, Nurture yourself”


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