Letter to my Mom on this Mother’s Day

Dear Mom,

Today is Mother’s Day. The twenty five years have passed in the blink of an eye. From the moment I started crawling till today when I pretend to be a strong willed person trying to create a space for myself in the big bad world outside, I have always needed you. You have been an invisible support system in my life. Apart from many things that you taught ,one thing I am grateful to you , is the ability to manage money.

You would remember that day when I was in third standard and you were dressing me up for the school and suddenly you noticed my hand which was in my pocket. You saw fear in my eyes… and not to mention I was actually frightened because suddenly I remembered that there was a Rs 50 note in my pocket which I had picked up in the class room the last day and was supposed to give it to the teacher in my bus. But unfortunately I forgot and when in the morning it struck my mind I was scared. Obviously you scolded me but I am happy the way you treated that situation.It was that incident which left an impact on me. That day I came to know the value of money. That day I learnt that someone might have earned that Rs 50 which I just carried in my pocket, just like that. Though at that time the focus was to educate me to not to steal things (especially money) but it had left a bigger and deeper impact on my mind.

ID-100160915Since then all the training that I was given with respect to money has helped me to understand its value. In my hostel days at Hyderabad, I would manage my college fees, daily expenses and even a flight ticket out of the Rs 10,000 you used to give me as a monthly allowance.

Now, when I have started earning I see other people of my age spending money lavishly. I feel the happiness in saving. The way you used to give me the responsibility of buying groceries and managing the monthly household expenses instilled a confidence in me along with a sense of responsibility. You never gave me pocket money. I always used to ask for money whenever I needed something. It helped me understand what is the the difference between necessities and luxuries. Besides I also learnt to deal with the month end pressures though I am and will always be thankful to you for the discipline you taught me. But the most important thing that you taught me is managing the money which I require the most ,now. And the best part was that we never discussed anything in specific about money, it was those little tricks that you used , did the job.

One last thing I would like to mention is that Papa also played equally important part during all these years, but today is Mother’s day!! So he’ll have to wait for some time .

Lots of Love

Khanjan Pant,

Khanjan is a 25 year old marketing and client servicing manager in insurance industry. He lives with his mom, Kalpana Pant, a school teacher and  a businessman dad, Govind Pant in Gurgaon.

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