Tips for a hassle free holiday with kids

A holiday with young kids ought to be planned. You got to get your money’s worth from that holiday while ensuring that your kids follow their daily routine too. For me, it was the first holiday where I didn’t fret about Vajra’s eating routine, considering that he is a fussy eater. Luckily, it turned out to be a memorable four day trip to Dubai, with hardly any hunger induced tantrums.

In hindsight, it was the way we planned the trip that we all enjoyed: the husband could indulge in retail therapy in Dubai’s spacious malls, I could walk across the old streets of Dubai and our son got to do the usual kiddo stuff.  So this is how we planned the trip. Hope you find these tips useful while planning your dream vacation on your own or through a travel agent.

1 The hotel location matters: Depending on the city you are travelling to, keep the location in mind. I always prefer a centrally located hotel which has easy access to supermarkets and other site seeing places. This saves you the local transport cost also.

2. Chose a room with a kitchen: This is lifesaver when you return from the day’s trip. Having a kitchen is especially crucial as your kid may crave for some Mom-ka-khaana, and if he’s a fussy eater like mine, there are only so many times you can stuff him with the food court French fries!

3. Start hoarding MTRs and Oats Sachets now: The strawberry and apple flavored oats and bisi-belle bhath (a south Indian dish of rice, lentils and veggies) made my life so much easier, for reasons mentioned above!

4. Plan your site-seeing with breaks: Yes, I know there are only so many days to the trip, but there is something to be learnt from the foreigners who lazed around the pool for most of the trip, you are on vacation! Give your and the kiddo’s body some downtime! If there is a night site-seeing to be done, plan the next day’s visit towards afternoon.

4 Must Know Things for a Dubai Holiday

DSC037741.Team up skimpy dresses, spaghetti tops with scarfs or shrugs. Local customs sometimes require covered knees and shoulders.

2.A visit to Burj Khalifa can be a long queue affair in the peak season. We spent an hour each, in the up and down queues. So be prepared accordingly, especially with a kiddo around!

3.The Snow Kingdom, Party Planet (Mall of the Emirates) and the Underwater World (Dubai Mall) are all places your kid will love and your wallet will hate. Keep a separate budget and time for these activities.

4. Take an anti-nausea pill before the Desert Safari. Eat light meal two-three hours before your scheduled pick up time for the Safari. Pack meal/snacks/water for kids as you won’t return before their bedtime.

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    Deepa Jayaram
    25 March , 6:49 am

    Happy to see that you did all the right things in Dubai !!

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