Re-writing Money Rules in a Relationship

The season of showing love and affection is just upon us.

Lets tell each other that how money talks or money actions with our loved ones, keep the bond of love intact!

Just like these 4 couples shared their money story with us, We invite you to share your money story too. After all

    “A Successful Woman is one who can save or invest more than what her husband earns”

             “And Successful is the man who can find such a woman”

If you got a Spouse who is successful, then join us for this exciting contest

> The Money Contest is open till February 10 2016

> To participate, you need to write to us at or drop a comment on our facebook page  OR twitter page

>Entries that share how they manage money with spouse will only be eligible for the contest. Pictures are a must too. The final entries will be featured on our website. 

> The reserves the right to decide the gift.



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