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Millions of women pride themselves on their multi-tasking skills.  So many images come to mind, when you think of the modern woman, right? The woman of today dashes off for morning runs, walks and settles her fitness routine with zumba, aerobics or yogic asanas. She may choose to handle her multi-gadgets kitchen like a culinary goddess. She embodies confidence and matches shoulder to shoulder with colleagues at work. She raises her children with so much pride and joy. She prides herself in being a breathing member of the ‘all genders are equal’ generation. Do you identify with this woman? It’s probably because you are one of them or perhaps because you’re surrounded by so many of them.

You understand the life of the modern woman in today’s world. She likes to be in control. Move over the days of the ‘abla naari’.  Today’s woman is powerful, intelligent and she believes in balance.

Despite everything you’ve read about the much-needed surge in women empowerment, there remains one area where we haven’t shed our tag of being dependent, helpless, out of control and ridiculously uninformed – MONEY MANAGEMENT.

Women have a beautiful association with many greens in their kitchens and their backyards. However, you may have noticed a general ‘I -don’t-REALLY-need-to-know-this’ attitude in most women around you, when it comes to a very important green – Money.

Years of patriarchal social conditioning has rendered millions of women incapable of trusting themselves with managing funds. It has, for centuries, remained the man’s job. You’ve probably seen the men in the family handle financial matters. As if money would turn to dust if it was touched by women! This irrational practice has, for centuries, ruined multiple homes, marriages, mindsets and lives.

If a woman can do literally anything she puts her mind to, why can’t she take her financial planning into her own hands?

A woman – the nurturer of the family, has slowly evolved into also being the provider. It is now time to step up from being the fund-keeper/ watcher/ ignorer to becoming the fund-manager/ controller/ planner. It is time to apply the ‘me-first’ formula to your life. Plan your future, secure yourself and earn your financial freedom.

Don’t know much about managing finances? Get in touch with us at rachna@thegreatgruhini.com. This one-of-a-kind financial platform caters exclusively to women who wish to start managing their own finances. All you need is – an attitude to put yourself first. We will partner you every step of the way ahead.

Equipped with a rich and generous experience of 20 years in the personal finance space; the founder at The Great Gruhini – Rachna Monga Koppikar is your best bet at a great start. Rachna started out as a mutual fund analyst, and moved on to personal finance writing for leading business publications such as Business Today and The Mint. The Great Gruhini, Rachna’s dream company, is certified by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) and aims to make women believe that they can be great managers of their own funds. All in all, during your journey of self-discovery, the greatgruhini team will help you meet your money management goals through mutual funds, insurance and other investment products.

Through one-on-one personalized training, we can help you become an active part of managing family finances or investing your money.

Let go of your apprehensions when it comes to numbers, finances, investments or money. Utilise the safe space provided at thegreatgruhini.com and gain control over your finances. Your existence is not just defined by your role as a wife/mother/employee/daughter. Secure your inner person and own your life purpose. You matter and so does your money.

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    YA Pitalwalla
    18 July , 9:35 am

    I just love your blog lady.
    Keep up the good work!
    Yassir A Pitalwalla

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